Andrew | Motorcycle

I had a long time friend approach me about some photos of him with his motorcycle. I had never had the opportunity to take photos of moving vehicles (well, on a professional scale) before, so I was super excited for the chance. He joked that the only photo he had with his bike was a … Continue reading Andrew | Motorcycle

Maternity | Cassandra + Roy

I met Cassandra through a cosplay group, and we've become very close over the past few months! Her partner in crime Roy was very excited to hear that Cassie was interested in getting some maternity photos done, until he found out he had to be in them. Haha! He was cool as a cucumber though, … Continue reading Maternity | Cassandra + Roy

Mahogany Cosplay | League of Legends

Mahogany and I met in a cosplay group and have gotten to know each other over the past few months. It's a real pleasure when I get to know fellow cosplayer's, I love making new friends and also I think cosplay groups are an awesome opportunity to share techniques and skills. During one of our … Continue reading Mahogany Cosplay | League of Legends

Blunt Hair Studio | Feature

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I meant to get this out sooner, but alas, other things crept up on me pretty quickly! Today I am featuring Blunt Hair Studio in Kingston, ON. My cousin Erica is a very talented hair stylist, and she had asked for some photos of her in action so as my mom and … Continue reading Blunt Hair Studio | Feature

Stone Cold Creations

Long time friends with Courtney (since grade 9 art class), I've been an admirer of her art work and jewellery. While she works towards her Phd, AND (magically!) travels to many conventions to sell her product. Her ability to do all of that blows my mind sometimes. Her hard work certainly pays off. We got together … Continue reading Stone Cold Creations

Mommy & Me | Boys will be boys

At our family Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin had asked if I could take some photos of her and her son since she didn't have any updated photos. I was totally up for the challenge... kids aren't usually my forte. I figured it wouldn't be so bad, my [second] cousin Seth, age 7, generally looooves being … Continue reading Mommy & Me | Boys will be boys

Eliza & Salman Engagement

I've known Eliza for a long time, and it was really nice of her to contact me about shooting an engagement session for her and her fiance Salman. In respect to family wishes we kept everything very family friendly. She really wanted to take photos with beautiful scenery, and we both live so close to … Continue reading Eliza & Salman Engagement

Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay

Cosplay photo shoot: Achievement unlocked. I am so excited because I finally got to shoot the very talented Jessica Rousseau with her Evil Ravenna (The Huntsman: Winter's War). Her dress and OH MY GOD that cape was dripping in beautiful details and I sincerely hope I did it justice. Side note: I had a little fun … Continue reading Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay