Andrew | Motorcycle

I had a long time friend approach me about some photos of him with his motorcycle. I had never had the opportunity to take photos of moving vehicles (well, on a professional scale) before, so I was super excited for the chance. He joked that the only photo he had with his bike was a … Continue reading Andrew | Motorcycle

Eliza & Salman Engagement

I've known Eliza for a long time, and it was really nice of her to contact me about shooting an engagement session for her and her fiance Salman. In respect to family wishes we kept everything very family friendly. She really wanted to take photos with beautiful scenery, and we both live so close to … Continue reading Eliza & Salman Engagement

Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay

Cosplay photo shoot: Achievement unlocked. I am so excited because I finally got to shoot the very talented Jessica Rousseau with her Evil Ravenna (The Huntsman: Winter's War). Her dress and OH MY GOD¬†that cape was dripping in beautiful details and I sincerely hope I did it justice. Side note: I had a little fun … Continue reading Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay

Ottawa Comic-Con | May 13-15, 2016

I was finally able to attend an Ottawa Comic-Con... you know, what, 5...6 years later? Better late than never. I also sacrificed a severe amount of sleep to be able to go. I wish I could say it's because of costume delays, but actually it was because of work. Oh darn those responsibilities.¬†Suffice to say, … Continue reading Ottawa Comic-Con | May 13-15, 2016