Mahogany Cosplay | League of Legends

Mahogany and I met in a cosplay group and have gotten to know each other over the past few months. It's a real pleasure when I get to know fellow cosplayer's, I love making new friends and also I think cosplay groups are an awesome opportunity to share techniques and skills. During one of our … Continue reading Mahogany Cosplay | League of Legends

Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay

Cosplay photo shoot: Achievement unlocked. I am so excited because I finally got to shoot the very talented Jessica Rousseau with her Evil Ravenna (The Huntsman: Winter's War). Her dress and OH MY GOD¬†that cape was dripping in beautiful details and I sincerely hope I did it justice. Side note: I had a little fun … Continue reading Queen Ravenna | Jessica Rousseau Cosplay

CoTiCon | August 20, 2016

So, I've learned a few things when it comes to photographing masquerades: that I'm not a fan. Not to be mistaken with the fact that I really enjoy watching Masquerades and the costumes are absolutely phenomenal (each and every one!), buuuuut the likelihood of me taking photos from a masquerade in the future are probably … Continue reading CoTiCon | August 20, 2016

Ottawa Comic-Con | May 13-15, 2016

I was finally able to attend an Ottawa Comic-Con... you know, what, 5...6 years later? Better late than never. I also sacrificed a severe amount of sleep to be able to go. I wish I could say it's because of costume delays, but actually it was because of work. Oh darn those responsibilities.¬†Suffice to say, … Continue reading Ottawa Comic-Con | May 13-15, 2016

CAPE | April 23-24, 2016

CAPE (Cornwall Area Pop Event) hosted it's second annual convention. I was told that last year it was only one day, as the Cornwall area do not have their local busses operating on Sundays. This year apparently there were shuttles to help con-goers get to the Benson Centre. I was unfortunately only able to go … Continue reading CAPE | April 23-24, 2016

Toronto Comic-Con | March 18-20, 2016

Not too late with this I suppose! With all the photos I took while in Artist Alley I think I did pretty well for myself. I did take quite a few photos, so if you're new to my page... welcome! Feel free to scroll through the rest of my trip musings to find your photo; … Continue reading Toronto Comic-Con | March 18-20, 2016