Popsquatch Designs | Product

I am super behind in posting! Life has really gotten in the way, I hope I can be more routine with catching up on my posts. So many wonderful shoots with lovely people that everyone needs to see! haha.

Back over the late summer last year I was working very hard with Popsquatch Designs to help them with product photos for their online website on Etsy. They have since been able to create a variety of custom product, and are constantly coming out with new product! With growing popularity, I have frequently come across people in Ottawa wearing a Popsquatch tee.

It’s easy to check out their Etsy to see their product for yourself. Or if you’ve been to any Ontario convention big or small, they are most likely there! While they used to create a series of geek product, they have lately been diving deep into their bleach-dyed tees, which touch on a variety of fandoms!

Here are a few samples of some of the product shots I took for them, but you should make sure to check out their Facebook for more updated stuff!

I had a really great time working on this project with Popsquatch. It was definitely a learning experience and I learned a few things in the process. I love doing product shots, so this was a lot of fun for me even if it was a challenge in some spots.

Thanks Julie and Chris for letting me work with you on this!


All photos have been taken by me (Jennifer Rapkins). If you require these photos for any reason, they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details including written permission from the model(s).

Please email me at: jennifer_rapkins@hotmail.com

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