Stone Cold Creations

Long time friends with Courtney (since grade 9 art class), I’ve been an admirer of her art work and jewellery. While she works towards her Phd, AND (magically!) travels to many conventions to sell her product. Her ability to do all of that blows my mind sometimes. Her hard work certainly pays off.

We got together on this beautiful snowy (albeit, a little windy) day to snap some photos of her more recent jewellery that she’s looking to expand selling online. We also snapped some portraits of the artist [aka: Courtney] as the model so potential buyers could see what the sizing is like realistically. Courtney was a fantastic model! She doesn’t even look like she was cold! Haha!

Diablo potions (or generic health/mana potions), 2 sizes.

She has a series of Harry Potter potion necklaces, but here’s a couple to start you off!

DnD necklaces!

The blue bracelet here was featured in the 2016 Geek Market Artist Scholarship competition and won!

A couple samples of her wide variety D20 earrings. Also, yes, that “wine” is very vibrant. It is, in fact, fruit punch. : )

A more masculine D20 necklace and also earrings with classes and races, so you can pick and choose your preference. Very fun idea!

Stud earrings, and rings also available!

Now I get to feature the artist herself…

Ahhh! So adorable. I love how casual her energy is. Also, the snow was not photoshopped, it was all natural!

There were so many fantastic photos of her, I really had a hard time slimming it down to put on the blog! If you’re interested in seeing more, make sure to visit her Facebook page.


All photos have been taken by me (Jennifer Rapkins). If you require these photos for any reason, they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details including written permission from the model(s).

Please email me at:

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