Mommy & Me | Boys will be boys

At our family Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin had asked if I could take some photos of her and her son since she didn’t have any updated photos. I was totally up for the challenge… kids aren’t usually my forte. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad, my [second] cousin Seth, age 7, generally looooves being in front of the camera so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. When we got out to her step-father’s backyard and we were ready to start taking photos…

“no photos.”

We were both totally shocked. I would never force anyone into photos, but Erica and I really wanted to do it. We negotiated with him, that I would just take photos – but he could just be himself, he was ok with that. No posing. So here are the results of 100% candid photos…

He grabbed every large stick he could find to hit the grass with it… oh boy!

Look at him go!!

He eagerly wanted the broken down vehicle to start… obviously you can tell mama is proud of him anyway!

I love the photo of him stepping into the woods. Right before this he was looking to see if he could go in… Erica pipes up that he shouldn’t go in there. He whips around “I’m just looking!” and just when Erica and I turn away from him slightly to chat, he does this. Haha! What a cheeky boy!

That smile…!!! He’s a natural charmer!

We all had a lot of fun with this and it was nice to spend time with them. They’ll be great photos to reflect on when he gets bigger! Crazy!


All photos have been taken by me (Jennifer Rapkins). If you require these photos for any reason, they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details including written permission from the models.

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