Eliza & Salman Engagement

I’ve known Eliza for a long time, and it was really nice of her to contact me about shooting an engagement session for her and her fiance Salman. In respect to family wishes we kept everything very family friendly. She really wanted to take photos with beautiful scenery, and we both live so close to the Vimy Bridge (the Earl-Armstrong/Strandherd bridge), which also has a little connection to Chapman Mills Conservatory. Integrating this formal style surrounded with stunning scenery really called for some gorgeous photos of this super adorable couple!

Eliza is adorable because she laughs at everything…
…and Salman is adorable because he laughs when she does!

Salman has great taste in jewellery, doesn’t he??

The blanket (officially referred to as a ‘Ketha’) this ring is on is her grandmother’s family heirloom, and wanted to integrate it into some photos. It’s a traditional way of making quilts, which consists of her grandmother’s old saree’s.


All photos have been taken by me (Jennifer Rapkins). If you require these photos for any reason, they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details including written permission from the couple.

Please email me at: jennifer_rapkins@hotmail.com

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