CoTiCon | August 20, 2016

So, I’ve learned a few things when it comes to photographing masquerades: that I’m not a fan. Not to be mistaken with the fact that I really enjoy watching Masquerades and the costumes are absolutely phenomenal (each and every one!), buuuuut the likelihood of me taking photos from a masquerade in the future are probably slim to none.

I went to CoTiCon with the intention of taking photos through-out the day, but with the few very interesting panels I attended, it didn’t allow me much opportunity for photography. Plus, I was feeling lazy that day, haha. It was a small convention out in Cornwall, hosted by our own Annie DeRochie and it was truly a success. Lots of claps from this lady, because I had an amazing time. Though small, it was also intimate in the sense that it didn’t feel so pressuring and busy like most larger cons. I could just stand and talk to friends and not be pushed and shoved or sensing that they’re too busy to talk to me. Y’know? It’s just a different atmosphere, and it’s great.

I decided to debut my 90% completed Casual femshep costume (Mass Effect 3), and it was pretty exciting. I got some more legit costume pics at Toronto FanExpo (Pics coming soon). My friend who donned a casual Mei (Overwatch) joined me for the day, and we had fun meeting all sorts of new people, and bumping into some friends we already knew!

Anyway… to the photos. I have to fore-warn everyone, these photos aren’t the greatest, even with some heavy editing to make them look even remotely okay. I was kind of pushed off to one side, and I didn’t want to get in the main camera or the convention’s photographer, so please take these as purely fun photos and nothing really serious. The tricky part about any skit act is that you’re moving around, and it’s tough to get a photo that isn’t blurry. Though it’s been many years since I’ve participated in masquerades (though I intend to get back to them next year), I suggest that if you’re competing…in your skit somewhere, allow yourself to pose for the camera. You’ll thank me when you find great photos on stage of yourself.

First introducing the judges…

L: Catsluna Cosplay as Shaolan, Cardcaptors Sakura | R: Cinderella

L: Peekaboo Cosplay in her unique costume design | MCN Props in his Halo outfit

L: Link, Zelda | R: Snake, Metal Gear Solid (Phantom Pain)

Draco Draconiss Cosplay as Deathstroke, he also won best in show Craftsmanship!

Inkling, Splatoon

He looks like Anubis, but I’m not sure if it’s directly relating to a particular character.

Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney Todd (artistic version)

L: Soul Eater Evans, Soul Eater and Lucy, Fairy Tail | R: Grandline Productions as Speed of Sonic Sound, One Punch Man

My friend Athena as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill… woohoo!

Lilithia Dark as Sally, Nightmare before Christmas

Btak Cosplay as Zelos, Tales of Symphonia

MysticFae (Vivian) as Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII

Tsuki no stardust, from Touken Ranbu online game, not sure of his character – though I loved the dance and flags!

Final Fantasy… Visuvampy as Yuna, Simikai as Rikku and Nefer as Paine – playing Pokemon Go lol

Canal vorfeed from Lost universe by Careko Cosplay

Announcing winners…

Group Shots!


All photos have been taken by me (Jennifer Rapkins) unless otherwise indicated. You are welcome to these photos as long as they remain for personal use. If you require them for commercial use they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details. If I have made an error in cosplayer details, please let me know so I can make the change. If you are in these photos, I am happy to credit your facebook/website, and send you the original image.

Convention lighting is not forgiving so I do apologize if they are not of the highest quality as I do not have control around our environment.

Please email me at:

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