Laura Kelly Photography | Workshop

In March I had attended my first photography workshop. With camera in tow, I was very excited to learn more about my lenses and shooting in manual.

Time to step it up a notch, Jenn!

When my own wedding photographer Laura Kelly posted that she was hosting her first workshop I didn’t even hesitate to sign up. I have been following Laura’s blog (both wedding and personal) since before I was married, and even 3 years later, I still love to know what’s going on in her exciting life! Her business has grown exponentially since I was a Laura Kelly bride, and I am so happy and excited for her!

She really went into detail about shooting in front and behind natural light, understanding our camera’s numbers (and what they mean), and helping us however we need it. Since this event was a few months ago, I am pleased to say I have gotten even better since… practice makes perfect! 🙂

Who couldn’t resist Wheezy’s charm? 😉

Laura had many beautiful things in her living spaces that had different lighting opportunities to take photos of.

I really had a great time and definitely practiced what I learned from her workshop. I would recommend checking out her blog post for more photos from the event!

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