Kelvin’s Birthday | The big 30!

One of my best and closest friends – Kelvin- just celebrated a milestone! His parents and friends were very eager to make it special for him.

We had an old school type theme, though I had decided before discussing with his mother that I was going to do a “punks not dead” cake, so in the end it worked out pretty well. I spent a lot of time developing a great white cake with black, white and red (albeit, looks pink) icing. Topped with silver edible ‘studs’. The boys aren’t overly fond of fondant, so I did my best to work with purely buttercream frosting. Doesn’t matter anyway, it tasted amazing (if I do say so myself)!

The cake baking I took with snapchat… haha, I was so excited.

So I had found a trick to make pure red icing, but apparently I added too much black to the red, and it ended up turning dark purple. I was really disappointed but improvised and pulled out the black food colouring and went that route instead.

I have learned over my time baking cakes that it’s better to let things sit to cure, if you will. I let the black icing with silver sprinkles sit overnight, and did the remaining decorating the following day.

I did the anarchy symbol on both sides, ‘punx not dead’ one side, and his name on the other. Suffice to say, I’m pleased my writing with my icing is getting much better.


So before I got this all wrapped up, I found this artwork at Toronto Comic-con from an artist, and got it professionally framed. As soon as I saw it I had to get it for him.

Gandalf was having fun playing with the string on his gift, haha.

His mom had a fun time cutting out these skulls and incorporating this into the decor.

Burgers and dogs were ready to go!

Great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors! Country air felt so good for all of us.

Inside, we await cake to be served…

Kelvin’s being a good sport about posing for all the photos I’ve been taking, haha.

Kelvin checking out the cake details, and finally we get to see what it looks like on the inside! I’ll end here with Kelvin opening our gift. Lighting was getting tough though so I decided to stop taking photos.

Thanks for scrolling through. We all had a lovely time!! What better than to spend your birthday with the people who mean the most to you. 🙂


All photos have been taken by me unless otherwise indicated. Please respect that these photos were taken for a private event, and are not to be shared unless with permission by either myself or those in the photos. I often retain non-watermarked photos, so if you are interested in those please contact me directly at or through Facebook.

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