Toronto Comic-Con | March 18-20, 2016

Not too late with this I suppose! With all the photos I took while in Artist Alley I think I did pretty well for myself. I did take quite a few photos, so if you’re new to my page… welcome! Feel free to scroll through the rest of my trip musings to find your photo; but make sure to check out the end to see some important details about your photo! ūüôā

So I’m going to start this with my mason jar salads, which I was proud of. I didn’t buy any food while we were at the convention, I dumped these into a big bowl and munched away while in between helping customers.

Featured here is my friend¬†Dex Morgan¬†‘s booth Geek Charming; selling tees and sweaters of her own design. I have helped her before, it’s a lot of fun! Excuse me while I feature some of her stuff. ūüôā

Also our friends over at TPub, featuring UK story Twisted Dark. Ballistic Bambi as Marla from Fight Club.

Okay okay, now on to the cosplayers of TCC! Unfortunately while being stuck in Artist Alley all weekend I only had a few chances to linger into the panels and outside halls, but it’s so great to see so many truly talented people out there! I like to take photos of anyone and everyone’s skill level… though preferably I like to take photos of people from series’ that I recognize and enjoy. Also for the love of all goodness, if I have any incorrect information, please let me know!

Family photo: Finn & Jake (Adventure Time), Rey (Star Wars), Daenerys (GoT)

L: General Hux & Fem-Spock | R: Jack Frost

L: Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon) | R: I’ve seen these types of characters floating around for years but still don’t know what it’s from! But I liked their outfits.

The travelling Star Wars group…¬†501st Legion

L: General Organa & Rey (Star Wars) | R: Aniken Skywalker (Star Wars)

L: “Randy” Archer (Archer)… funny story with this one, this gentleman was on his phone when I was helping at Stone Cold Creations for a bit and I swirled around recognizing him instantly… “RANDY!” He laughed and on his phone he was like “I’m going to have to put you down for a sec.” He was surprised to see that I recognized him (any true Archer fan would!), and I told him about my Fight Club Pam. Suffice to say, it’s still exciting. | R: Jon Snow, Daenerys and Sansa Stark (GoT)… Also, if Danny is reading this, my friend Dex Morgan is dying to know how you pleated your skirt. She’s been trying to make this cosplay and saw you a few times in awe. haha!

L: Sole Survivor (Fallout4) | C: Marty McFly (Back to the Future) | R: Cosima (Orphan Black) Also can i just say, daaaayum girl, that resemblance is on point!

Commander Shepard (Mass Effect). I was really impressed with the weaponry specifically with his cosplay, especially the omni-tool. As I’m (very slowly *lol*) working on Tali, having an omni-tool would be great… if I could figure out how to make it! Anyway, we caught him on the way out Friday night, which was a nice surprise considering I saw very little Mass Effect cosplays (though TONS of sweaters! Including the one I was sporting Friday, haha!).

Friday night ended with a photo of Dex Morgan, Katie From ShareMyCosplay (press), and Ballistic Bambi enjoying some ramen while back at our condo Friday night. Also a Saturday morning shot of me before we left for the con!

L: Rebel Flight (Star Wars) | C: Kagome (InuYasha) It was really funny how I came to find her, she was walking by and I just shouted “KAGOME!” and she’s like “OMG Finally someone who doesn’t think I’m a sailor scout!” haha. Clearly these people don’t know their sailor scouts all that well! | R: Anya, Orphan (Anastasia)

Ezio (Assassin’s Creed)

L:¬†Rey (Star Wars) |¬†C:¬†I believe these are League of Legend characters, but I’m not entirely sure! |¬†R:¬†Borg (Star Trek); my Trekkie knowledge is a little fuzzy, so I wasn’t sure if they were a particular character or not.

L:¬†I’m honestly not sure where these guys were from, but they were so excited that I took their photo, lol. If anyone knows, please tell me! |¬†R:¬†Butchers (Silent Hill)

Another artist shout out! My friends Julie and Chris, of Popsquatch Designs Рfeaturing Julie and her fun geeky accessories!

L:  Unsure of character name (Brotherhood of the Wolf) | R: Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

L: Kylo Ren (Star Wars) & I’m not entirely sure… I thought he was from Naruto, but couldn’t quite¬†figure it out. | C: Geralt of Rivia (Witcher) | R: Fem-Leonardo (TMNT)

Captain America. But you should know that! ūüôā

L: Kaylee (Firefly) | C: Chell (Portal) | R: Finn & Rey (Star Wars)

Black Widow (Avengers Series)

L: Flash & Black Canary (Arrow) | T: Halo | B: Sarah & Cosima (Orphan Black)

Josee and the Pussycat Dolls

Imperial Shadow Trooper (Star Wars)

Cersei (Game of Thrones)

L: Count Dooku & I’m not entirely sure (Star Wars) | R: Obi-wan & Count Dooku (Star Wars)

L: Alice, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit | C: Oliver РGreen Arrow (Arrow) | R: Princess Ariel (Little Mermaid)

L: Game of Thrones group  | R: Robo-cop

My friend Dex Morgan as Claire from Outlander

Vegeta & Goten(?) Super Sayan (Dragonball Z)

Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) which was nice to see… very rarely see Saturn or a Pluto around!

Ballistic Bambi¬†as Charlene (Archer) “Out land Country- WOO!”

L & C: Carl (Walking Dead) The joke about the middle photo was that our friend in the booth next to us made a Rick joke meme.. “Hey Carl, I bought you an EYE-PAD.” And our lovely new friend here did not look amused. Haha. | R: Kylo Ren & Rey (Star Wars)


All photos have been taken by me unless otherwise indicated. You are welcome to these photos as long as they remain for personal use. If you require them for commercial use they must maintain the watermark logo or email to discuss licensing details. If I have made an error in cosplayer details, please let me know so I can make the change. If you are in these photos, I am happy to credit your facebook/website, and send you the original image.

Convention lighting is not forgiving so I do apologize if they are not of the highest quality as I do not have control around our environment.

Please email me at:



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